Exercises: Unit Hsc201

Exercises: Unit HSC201
Introduction to communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
Outcome 1.1     Identify the different reasons why people communicate |
Outcome: 1.2   Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of your own work:   Literacy – reading/writing     1.   Read the following scenario carefully: |
Imagine you are working in Jasmine House, a 38 bed residential facility for older people.   You worked on the late shift yesterday: you came into work at 2pm and left at 9.30 pm.   The shift was very busy with a new resident being admitted to your care as her Key Worker and, as usual, several residents required help throughout the afternoon and evening with their personal care.Mrs Jerrold, one of the service users had been very agitated throughout your shift which was quite unlike her usual behaviour.   She kept asking you if she could go home and had tried to leave several times.   She had gone out through the front door on one occasion when you were involved with other service users but fortunately you noticed this and then managed to persuade her to come in from the garden.   She remained adamant throughout the evening that she wanted to leave and constantly asked you to telephone for her daughter to come and fetch her.   After much persuasion she eventually became calmer having agreed to wait for the arrival of her daughter who was due to visit the following day.     Mrs Jerrold is quite mobile with the aid of a walking frame and her eyesight is poor; otherwise she is well and, until this latest episode, had seemed settled and happy. |
Mrs Jerrold’s daughter lives fairly locally and comes in to visit her several times each week.   You will need to make a report on the situation that occurred. |
  2.   Give this report verbally to your assessor as if you were handing over to her following your shift.     3.   Now write this record up as if you were at work and include everything you normally would if this was your...