Our company is called Zeta and we are in industry 4 which includes Eta, Psi, Theta, Upsilon, and our company Zeta.   For the first quarter we were the number one in sales and in profit.   For the other three quarters we were number one in sales and number two in profit.   Our closest competitor is team Eta who three out of the four quarters was number one in profit.   We have been very consistent ant throughout the first four quarters.   Our profit has risen from 170,593 in quarter one to 1,138,989 in quarter four.   Our company spent a considerable amount of time hiring our salespeople.   We compared interviews and tried to pay attention to specific details we felt were important in the success of Zeta.   For example we wanted to pay our employees above average and tried to keep them in their desired location if they had one. We looked for experienced people with college degrees, excellent references, and a great interview

Industry Forecasts
During the upcoming year we expect our industry to continue to grow.   We have no reason not to expect continuing steady growth throughout the industry.   We expect our company to increase units sold from quarter four to quarter five by 18%.   We then expect for our units sold per quarter to raise 15% every quarter after that for the rest of the year.

      We found these numbers by determining the percent change in units sold between each quarter.   We then used those percentages to find a sloping pattern to our units sold per quarter.   We noticed that the slope was starting to level out; this leads us to believe that there will be an 18% increase in units going from quarter four to quarter five, and then a 15% increase for every quarter after that.   When determining how many units we expect each region to sell for the upcoming year we used the most recent completed quarter.   This would be the fourth quarter.   We determined what percentage each region was responsible for by dividing the number of...