Exchange School Programme


I’d like to thank you in advance for your expression of interest in regards to working with our school. Our High School Principle Ms … has directed this correspondence to our Foreign Languages Department regarding working on common grounds, which we would be more than happy to co-act.

First, I’d like to start with a brief description of our school here in … . The … foundation, of which our school … is a part, is made up of eight schools, two kindergartens a university and a hospital.
Our campus here is one of the most prominent schools within the foundation and in … in terms of student achievement. Our school has also been recognized for its high university entrance success rate throughout the years. As a Campus school we are comprised of a nursery, primary and secondary school with a capacity of 1200 students accompanied by 200 highly qualified educators.
At our campus we teach two foreign languages English and German. Also, our High school is operating as a Science school, which carries out many international and scientific projects that has brought many awards and international recognitions in the previous years.

I don’t want to overload you with too many details, as we will hopefully have the chance to meet and discuss further in the near future.

We, here at … High School, would like to take part in a one-week exchange program with your school. We would like your school to host 8-10 high school students and one teacher. As this will be an exchange program we will also host you and a group of your students and introduce them to our city and culture. The students (on both sides) would stay with voluntary host families.

Our school is taking part in an international project called “The Duke of Edinburgh”. This project is highly recognized and has many beneficial objectives for students to gain from. It is because of this program that we would like our students to experience the educational system in another culture. We would also like our students to...