Example of How Dell Could Improve Their Culture

Dell Corporation has recently launched a company wide initiative to address the transitions that have occurred internally and externally over the course years.   Dell was founded through young innovation, quality and with care of the customer needs in mind.   With this foundation we look toward a future of assuring the rooted values of Dell are echoed clearly and continue to keep our respect for Dell employees, customers and our community.   Dell desires to project value for corporate responsibility through continued innovation, rewards for employees and assuring customers continue to receive quality attention and products.  

Many of you have recently received the “Soul of Dell” pamphlet and informational post online.   We plan to implement this team initiative to develop and hone our culture to reflect the importance of our five focal tenets:
Customers: Dell values superior experience and retention and attract loyal customers.
Dell Team: Dell values all employee involvement in team initiatives and will reward the best in those areas and recognize all that actively participate.
Direct Relationships: Dell values the direct relationships in all their operations
Global Corporate Citizenship: Dell values understanding and respect for all nations.  
Winning: Dell values operational excellence and desire to develop leadership within all their employees to impact the world.  

In the near future we will host periodic Dell Team activities that will incorporate all these concepts within the Dell Organization.   Also   new community involvement opportunities will arise that Dell highly supports under our direct relationships tenet.   Visit Michael and Susan Dell Foundation for more details.    

I believe in order to embrace the “Soul of Dell” we must expose the heart of Dell.   The heart of Dell can be remembered through the spirit that was carried during the era after September 11, 2001.   People internally and externally came together to service customers and...