Example of a Challenge in Health and Social Care

K319-12B TMA 04

Drawing on your own experience of using or working in adult health care or in social care services, identify a situation in which you faced challenges, dilemmas and conflicts in one of the following three contexts:
An assessment of health and social care need
Promoting health
Safeguarding adults
Critically analyse the challenges, dilemmas, and conflicts you faced and evaluate the role of communication in your chosen situation (word limit 2112 words).

  My choice of a situation where I faced challenges, dilemmas, and conflicts was in safeguarding adults’ context. I am a key worker to a service user, living in one of our supported living housing unit. I have duty of a link staff between the tenant, adult care service team, and the supported living housing project unit of my organisation.
Our supported living housing, provide supported services to our service users to live ordinary life in an ordinary house in a valued community setting. They have citizen’s status with the same right as other members of society. The environment is suitable for them to learn and enhance their capability to the limit of their potential in accordance to their wishes and in order to improve their quality of life. We encourage and develop service user’s independence, confidence, and self-esteem thus enabling them to treat the house as their own. In addition, there is network of support and structure for the service users according to their individual needs and encourage them to make use of the facility. Its staffing system is flexible staff cover according to the needs of the service users and in accordance with the society’s arrangement.
The service user is a 50 years old male living with other two housemates in a three bedroom detached house. He has moderate learning difficulty and psychiatrist have diagnosed him with aggressive personality, His physical physiology is perfect, good mobility, able to make choices and decisions. He has reasonable living skills,...