Example for an Autobiography

Auto biography
Neville Wong
I remember that day when we were in Hong Kong where I got my first jackpot prize. I was in an amusement park with my family and cousins. My cousins and I each got 50 tokens from our parents and we got to play whatever we wanted. I had spent nearly all of my coins when my cousins asked me to join their jackpot coin tossing game. The target of this game is to throw our tokens and it has to land on different slots. If you toss a coin and lands in the smallest slot three times in a row, then you get to win the biggest jackpot prize.
I tossed a few tokens and got a few in, but when I felt confident, I challenged myself with the Jackpot hole. I threw the first one and it went straight in. My heart pounded as I told myself: “Two more to go…” I closed my eyes and clutched the second token in my hands. I opened my eyes and threw the token towards the slot. It hit the board and it slid across the board and stopped. I stared at it and shouted:” Yes!” The edge of the token just barely landed on the jackpot hole. My cousins came running to me and cheered for me. I just concentrated so hard at the board that I thought my eyes would pop. I looked at the coin and gave myself a moment where I calmed myself down. I looked at it and let the token slid out of my hands. The token went too far off. It hit the edge of the board and rebounced back onto the board. I stared at the rolling coin as it turned left and right. It slowed in front of the slot and it fell right on the slot! I screamed and rejoiced out loud and everyone turned on me. I had won the Jackpot! The organizer came to me and handed me my prize. I stared at it as if I was hypnotized. It was an Ipad 2!   Handed the rest of my tokens to my cousins and ran to find my mom. I was so happy! When we were about to leave, I went to the bathroom to get ready for our 2 hours taxi ride.
We went on the taxi and went to the airport. We said a final goodbye to our relatives and boarded the plane...