Examine the Argument That Places Can Be a Source of Inclusion and Exclusion for Specific Communities

Drawing on what you have learnt from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, Outline how some benefit   and others lose on a street that you know

A   street I know very well in Manchester is Market Street. It is one of Manchester s principal retail streets.   Drawing from   what I learnt on the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, I wanted to learn more about a street   where   I spend a lot of my time on. Firstly we look at market street and will be interpreting how some benefit and others lose on market   street. Secondly what similarities   and differences there are compared to City Road and finally we will summarise.  

To set the scene Market Street has changed considerably over the years. Buses no longer run through the streets   so the streets are less congested. A lot of the changes that have been made have made   have made the street safer for the public as people roam and there are no vehicles.   With the removal of the tram lines Market Street became a pedestrian zone thronged with your average shopper. On Market Street there are a rich variety of shops. There is a   Tesco across from the Arndale shopping centre. It also has its share of department stores with Debenhams and Primark on the opposite side of tram lines. Through the Pedestrian zone there can be seen a variety of street entertainers.   Such entertainers can be buskers or any type of street performer you can imagine. There are many streets that link to Market street such as mosley street and Oldham street.

Shops that clearly benefit on Market Street are the department stores. They are dotted everywhere. Below the Cross Street side of Market Street   there is a Marks and Spencer and above Fountain Street side there is a Debenhams and a Primark. It is clear there is inequality on market   street as these shops have more custom than the smaller shops. Some shops such as HMV and Holland and Barrett which may be seen as big stores have also recently closed which shows an...