Canceling examination: Con

An argument that often advanced on behalf of replacing examination with other better methods to examine students’ study and select talented students is that via present methods some students gifted in some subjects cannot develop their aptitudes and are possibly eliminated through an examination designed for normal students. We cannot deny that the present examination system is not suitable for all the students and may holdback students’ talents in some aspects. On the other, there’s no better resolution for examining students leaning abilities selected gifted students.
For example, in our present examination system, quite a lot of people think that examination is not a good and scientific way to select talented students for further study. This opinion, incidentally, is more often held by some educators, teachers, politicians, or reformists than students. Nevertheless, on the strength of this opinion, some teachers and educators conclude that irregular methods should be taken to selected students talented in some certain aspects.
Although some students who have special talents for some certain aspects but cannot get high marks in regular examinations have much less opportunities for further study, the issue of why they cannot be selected by the method of present examination system is what people should think about. Compared with theirs talents, these students obvious have some considerable shortcomings. To be comparatively talented, indicates their problems.
The students who are talented in some certain aspects but cannot get high marks in the students who cannot manage the study of all basic subjects. They need to work harder to get higher average points.
For the present situation in China, education resource is quite limited while the number of students is too large. Examination is the most comprehensive and reasonable method to select. For now, if taken on scale, other irregular method will only leads to more problems,...