Ex Boyfriend

  One person comes to mine and it is my ex-boyfriend.  He no doubt is three out of the four listed.  I do not know if it is because he is in the marines or not because I did not really know him before.  We did go to the same school but he is older than I am.
He is a withdrawer because when I tried to find out more of what it is like to be a marine he would withdraw and only tell me bits and pieces.  I know it was hard for him when he was in Iraq but now he is in Afghanistan and all he will say is how bad it is over there. 
He is an aggressor for example we had not been together very long and he started talking about getting me an engagement ring.  At the time I was only seventeen and I told him I did not want to be tied down my senior year but he just would not listen.  He is stationed in Hawaii and he persuaded my mom in letting him give me a promise ring for Christmas. 
My brother had bought his girlfriend one and mom knew it only cost around one hundred dollars.  She said since it was only a promise ring that would be fine.  He told her he wanted me to have something special from him before he went overseas. 
When he came home for Christmas and gave me the ring my parents were very upset.  They saw the receipt and it was not the price of a promise ring.  They told him he should not have spent that kind of money and I told him that I was not ready to make that kind of commitment. 
He wanted me to keep the ring he said so I would remember him if anything happens. We’re still really good friends and still talk he actually just got back from Afghanistan a week ago and is trying to get me to come out to Hawaii. It’s temping but I will probably have to pass.