Desmond Yuki Peguese
Ms. Sherrard
Expository Writing 2
10 November 2012
The Art of the Homo sapiens
    While I was researching about the human evolution process, I discovered websites about Homo sapiens.   These websites included how the Homo sapiens survived, the cave paintings, and how they were able to communicate with each other.   The Homo sapiens were really creative because they drew wonderful art on the walls of caves.   The paintings were used as a form of communication and imagination helped create creative art works.
    The first topic I will like to discuss is the role that communication played in making creative art.   Homo sapiens first had the ability to talk.   This is how they were able to survive and become us today.   The communication skills they had helped the Homo sapiens create art.   (“They were the first known communicators, having speech abilities, and were the first artists.”)(Leonard Shlain).   The first point is that the Homo sapiens were the first people to communicate and thus being the first group to create art.   If the Homo sapiens did not learn to communicate, we would not have art today.   The speech ability had to do with the evolutionary growth in the head.   During the last evolutionary growth from the last 1000 years, the brain functions split in two right/left hemispheres that let humans talk.   I can imagine what it would be like if we did not

Peguese 2
have evolutionary growth in the head.   We would still be like the Neanderthals today the world would be a lot different today.   The next point I am going to explain is that the Homo sapiens communicated through the art they made.   The Homo sapiens did not create art just to create art.   They had a purpose to create the art so they can have a form of communication.   Also the art works helped the Homo sapiens get organized. (“The creation of art requires the ability to reason, plan ahead and express feelings.”)(Cook).   Without art there would be no visual...