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Term Paper
Is Tide Using a Proper Marketing Mix?

Many may ask what a marketing mix is.   A marketing mix consists of four basic categories that relate to the given product.   These four categories as enumerated in the textbook page 375 are, developing a product strategy, creating a pricing strategy, elaborating a distribution strategy, and finally having a promotion strategy.   If these four categories are elaborated properly and ethically, then the product will have a proper marketing mix.   This term paper will be discovering if Tide, the famous laundry detergent, has or does not have a proper marketing mix.

The first part of the marketing mix consists of having a product strategy.   To succeed in this category, you must have a brand name, a packaging, a choice of branding colours, and a warranty.   In Tide’s case, Procter & Gamble, Tide’s owner, had already chosen this name back in 1946 ((1)) when Tide was first launched.   According to the dictionary, the word Tide means “rise or move forward; "surging waves"”, and that is exactly what they had in mind when they released this product.   It was a move forward in a non-explored market.   According to P&G ((1)), the word Tide was chosen but no one knows why, and they promised that Tide washed “cleaner than soap”.   Tide’s packaging strategy was one of a kind, especially back then.   Over the years, P&G have improved the container, but always kept the same appearance.   They kept the circular target shaped background and almost the same colours, the bright orange, and yellow.   These colours have an impact on the success of the brand.   The orange signifies a vibrant product, which is also associated with warmth.   The yellow, is a warm cheerful colour and according to the textbook ((5)) page 425, it is the lead colour in products used in homes through...