Evidence Based Practice

Evidence based practise

The aim of this assignment is to analyse the rigour and validity of a piece of research using a published framework. The research article chosen was conducted by Jan Cooper and Alistair Harrison, and was published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, 39:4,360-369.
The framework used is taken from Cormack, (2000), The Research Process in nursing (4th Ed). (See appendix 1). This framework defines and explains a step by step approach to critiquing a piece of research. Frameworks can be used as a springboard for the generation of research hypotheses, and can provide an important context for scientific research. (Polit & Hunger 1995).

Cormack (2000), states that research projects become known by their titles and therefore it is important to make the title explicit and relatively brief whilst still describing the proposed study. The title of the research is broken into two parts and quickly defines the article to the reader. It is specific to the area of study, (implementing audit in palliative care) it highlights the approach taken (action research). (See appendix 2).

Cormack (2000) asks do the authors have appropriate experience or academic qualifications. The authors are both registered general nurses and have qualifications such as BSc. Jan Cooper is a Macmillan senior lecturer at the University of Coventry. Alistair Hewison is also a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham; his qualifications suggest or show he has experience within the field of research.   Having combined experiences, the authors appear to have enough qualifications for the study that cover a diverse range of subjects. It is apparent to the reader that Jan Cooper provides the link to the palliative care field, being a Macmillan lecturer and in conjunction with Alistair’s Hewison background within research, they both appear to have a keen interest and relevant experience to back up this article. Cormack (2000) suggests that having...