Eviction Law

This is a lease agreement between (LANDLORD) of (LANDLORD ADDRESS), hereinafter the "Lessor", and (TENANT 1) and (TENANT 2) of TENANT ADDRESS, hereinafter the "Lessee."
For the mutual consideration set forth in this agreement, the Lessor hereby lets to the Lessee the right to occupy premises in the Town of , County of , and State of New Hampshire, described as follows:
There is reserved to the Lessor a right of access to the leased premises for the purposes of inspection, showing to prospective buyers or Lessee, and repair. The premises are leased in "as-is" condition, and no expressed or inlplied warranties of habitability or other warranties are made by Lessor except those listed below. The Lessee shall hold the premises in common with not more than other lessees.
The tern1 of this lease is (Time), beginning and ending . The term rent shall be (TOTAL AMOUNT DUE DURING TERM), payable in advance in equal monthly installments of (MONTHLY BRAKE DOWN).
There is also due and payable by the Lessee to the Lessor the sum of (SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT) which will be held in Lessor's escrow account at the (Bank), Portsmouthr, New Hampshire, which deposits shall be held by Lessor until the premises have been vacated by Lessee, to be applied first toward any damages resulting fro111 any breach of the temls hereof, with the balance, if any, to be retunled to the Lessee.
In the event that Lessee shall occupy the premises after the above term, all terms and conditions hereof shall remain in full force and effect except the nlonthly rental, which may be increased by such amount as the Lessor may deterniine, with thirty (30) days written notice being given to Lessee. There will be a late paynlent charge of Five Dollars ($5.00) for each day that any payment is overdue, to be added to the rent, or deducted from the security deposit at the option of Lessor. It is also specifically agreed and understood that the teml rent is...