Every Step I Take

Every step I take
Is just another mistake
Just like wearing a pair of glass slippers
As if walking upon a glass stairs
Fragile and brittle
And shall shatters in tatters.

Every step I take
Always bring despair and misfortune to others
And never would be happiness

Every step I take
Always torment and hurt others
Never wipe the tears
And only to create fears

Every step I take
Always followed by my regret
Only to be coax by the words "not to fret"
Nor to be afraid
As I colors my surroundings red

Every step I take
Neither create laughter
Nor a merry atmosphere
As if my existence do not matter
As if myself would eventually disappear

Every step I take,
Make me feel as if I am wearing a thousand cloaks
Hiding my existence in such an obviousness
Truly oblivious to my own foolishness and ignorance

Every step I take
Only paints me with sorrow
As I made countless people scream in horror
As their consciousness fades and their eye close sure and slow
And I ensure those eyes shall never again to cheerfully glow
As I am a killing machine in a war zone which promise terror
Never to provide shelter

Every step I take
Always make me cower in fear
Of what enemy may be near
Or of what dangers is hidden here
This feelings of agony had never once disappear
And will always linger

Every step I take
Make me feel dull, lifeless and inhumane
As if I embodies a mannequin
Being made to be a princess or queen
which signifies the tranquil joy of death and the still and motionless cold
which protest, revere and detest any who is bold

Every step I take
Signifies nothing as it is meaningless
Or rather my existence itself made life loses its significance
As the body drop one by one around me
I can no longer remember the warmth of embrace
As if the humanity inside me fades
Leaving only the appearance on the surface

Every step I take
Made me less of a human
Even so, I wandered,   pondered and strayed
Like a tool or machine...