Every One Can Relate

Everybody Can Relate
Some people often procrastinate, deal with entropy, and have a hard time understanding different generations. All three of these contrasting things come with controversy and arguments. People often find themselves disputing these subjects and come out with different solutions and points of view. The world today is constantly changing and subjects are more openly discussed. In Kleiner's "When Manana is Too Soon", Cole's "Entropy", and Hulbert's "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" these three topics are explained and discussed into the authors thoughts and explanations.
“When Manana is Too Soon", is about procrastination and what might cause a person to continually do this. Procrastination is often explained as putting off things till the last minute. For example waiting to do a paper up until the minute it is due or even waiting till afterwards. Kleiner also includes psychologist, Pier Steel’s review of the scientific literature on procrastination in the journal Psychological Bulletin. His research contradicts the all too common answers to procrastination including anxiety and perfectionist and replaces them with less confident, impulsive, and less conscientious overall. (Kleiner, K 2009) Procrastination is more common to day then it used to be and is often over looked as laziness. It can even turn to be serious. Yes we have all procrastinated at least once in our lives on things we didn’t want to necessary do but the problem arises when it starts to affect your family, finances, work or personal relationships. (Kleiner, K 2009) Studies have shown that 70% of people do not use their eye drops when dealing with glaucoma, which could result in a person going blind and 50% of people do not put forth an effort to change their lifestyles after suffering a major heart attack. (Kleiner, K 2009)   I do believe that procrastination is an action of self-destruction whether it is intentional or not. Also being easily distracted could be considered...