Event Project

Raise a glass
Sustainable Event Management Company

TOU 3925
Event Management
Thushel Jayaweera

Cover letter
Company Name: Raise a Glass
Company Address: Glassblower house
S14 7ED
Primary Contact: Lucy Tran
Event Title: Wine and Cheese Event
Event Date: 3rd of May 2011
Executive Summary
Raise a glass is a sustainable events company with a reputation for integrity, professional, and excellence event Management organisation skills. In the past five years annual sales have increased year by year.
Managing director Sandeep Parmar has 4 core team members: Assistant MD Sharon Mak, Public relations Vykinta Vastakaite, Operations and planning manager Lucy Tran and I, Vivian Wan-Chun Lin the financial controller. Together we have conducted an event concept to promote the local winery. “The wine and cheese event”
Raise a glass is looking to:
Promote a sustainable environment and avoid excessive carbon footprint
Promote local wines
Invite local and national business to purchase the wine locally
Gain future business for raise a glass sustainable event company
Our objective is not only to promote our sustainable event company but also our latest wine range. The cliental we are aiming for are Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, local or established national supermarkets, for existing and new clients. Hoping they will sign an ongoing agreement with our vineyard to provide them with local wine and consider raise a glass for any future events
To implement these objectives the company needs:
  * A loan of £10,000 this loan would be used for current expenses including staffing, food cost and wine (see appendix 8 for full expense list) it will be repaid in 6 months.
  * Please review the enclosed event proposal plan, and of course feel free to ask for any additional information or explanations you may want. I will call you in about one week's time to arrange an appointment so that we can discuss the loan in person.
Yours sincerely,

Vivian Wan-Chun...