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Entrepreneurs reveal how to ‘Be your own boss’

Baruch students beware! Scott Gerber thinks your MBA is useless, well not exactly but he does want you to stop waiting and take charge of your life. While we may not all be the next Mark Zuckerburg (creator of Facebook) we can effectively take control of our own professional lives and last weeks ‘Be Your Own Boss’ event was the ideal forum for successful entrepreneurs to tell their tales of success (and failure).
‘Be Your Own Boss’ was hosted and organized by the honor society Golden Key Baruch along with co-sponsors: The Entrepreneur Club, Women In Business, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi and AIESEC.   Over 100 students crammed into the small lecture hall on the 5th floor amidst news outlet, CBS news to take part in the panel discussion centered on entrepreneurship.
The star-studded panel included a who’s who of self-starters today. With companies ranging from ‘Reddit’ to ‘In good company’ their experiences certainly ran the gamut. The panel was led by the charismatic Scott Gerber (founder of ‘Sizzle it’ and ‘Young Entrepreneur Council’) and also included Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), Gary Whitehill (founder of ‘New York Entrepreneur Week’) and Adelaide Lancaster (founder of ‘In Good Company).
The enthusiastic Gerber took charge early and managed the panel presentation. Initially he relayed a serious message to the students about the tough economic times in which we are currently mired. Gerber said ‘only 25% of recent college graduates even get a job, far less the job of their dreams, nothing is guaranteed.’ While the realization of the reality of the situation reverberated around the room Gerber eased tensions with his next comment ‘I say this not to scare you, but to empower you’.   Gerber also mentioned ‘you need to create a job to keep a job, don’t wait for someone to hand you anything.’

Students remained glued to the edge of their seats as the panel went on retelling their unique success...