Even Young Children Can Be Involved in Decision Making in the Family and in Schools

The main purpose of this essay is to examine why is it so important to involve young children in decision making in the family or in schools. I would also like to explore why involvement might be sometimes difficult. On the example of the Family’s sleeping problems with Ryan I would like to show different approaches of how can parents involve children in resolving family difficulties with young children. (Ray and Flynn 2004, p.64)
Being a parent is creating lovely and safe environment for children as they grow from babies to teenage years and it requires different skills at each stage. But being a parent is not always easy. They have to make number of decisions about the best way to bring up the children and at such times even the most loving and caring parents can become very frustrated. When trouble with Ryan’s resistance going to bed continued even Jodie found   herself   in   situation when she has threatened to smack him. Ray and Flynn(2004 p.66) Despite the fact that some parents believe that occasional smack will do no harm NSPCC   take the position that it is not an effective way to manage difficult behaviour as it does nothing to teach the child how you want him/her to behave.(Ray and Flynn 2004,p.68 )

The use of star charts is very well known rewards system which is also very popular in schools and by social workers. The theory that links to this method is called behaviourism and is based on the idea that children’s (and adult’s) behaviour can be changed through learning and association (Ray and Flynn 2004, p.71) There has been a criticism due to the manipulation used in this method and results are usually short-lived which was proved by Jodie and Eamon’s   attempt to use this method.(Ray and Flynn 2004,p.70-71) However, considering that there is conversation between parent and child involved it can always bring positive outcome.
Young children do not think or talk about their feeling the way adults do and therefore it is crucial that parents are able to...