Eveline's Weakness

Often a week human is not capable of getting far in life. Although weak people struggle to move forward, there's always something that's holding them back. Eveline lost her mother and that is when she became unhappy and she just needs to get away.   Eveline shows elements of weakness in that she's unhappy, fearful of her father, and lacks ability to leave.

Eveline shows signs of unhappiness. Week by week she would do the same miserable tasks. Eveline sat in her window while thoughts came to her mind. "She had dusted once a week for many years, wondering where in earth where all the dust came from." Eveline was getting tired of doing the same tasks and she looked at Frank as a way out. Frank, a sailor, invited Eveline to live with him in his home in Argentina. In her mind the thought of escaping and being free was what she wanted. "She had a right to happiness." Everything she has done for her family over the years and now she had a chance to be happy with Frank. She took care of the younger children because of her mother’s death. It was her promise but after time it's getting to her head.

Eveline has become fearful of her father over time. "Her father used often to hunt them in out of the field with his blackthorn stick." He used to do this back in her childhood days and through the years it's only gotten worse. "..., she sometimes felt herself in danger of her fathers violence." This was because her mother wasn't around so she didn't have anyone there to protect her. Although he never did hit her, her father would say how he would beat her if he could. "...lately he had begun to threaten her and say what he would do to her only for her dead mother's sake." She did have older brothers but they weren't around meaning she was the oldest sibling in the house. She saw Frank as someone who can take her away and protect her from any danger.

When given the chance, Eveline wasn't able to leave. She was on her way to freedom and a new life with Frank, and her ticket...