Raafat Nassar
18 May 18, 2013
RHET 225
Persuasive Evaluation
For my persuasive speech the most time consuming task was to choose the topic. I wanted to choose an interesting topic that would be easy to persuade the class with but in the end I chose the topic of why should prostitution be legal in Egypt. The difficult part about the topic was that I could not find a lot of research done about Egypt and this topic so I decided to use international statistics. I also wanted to avoid using false statists and only used those who were highly reliable I also did not want to have a long speech full of statistics, instead I chose the speech to be short and simple just so the audience could be aware of the topic and reflect on it on their own way. The difficulties I faced was that the topic is highly taboo since it contradicts with everyone’s religious views, traditions, and culture.
I focused on the negative comments that I received from my informative speech to try to make them better like eye contact and so on. For that reason I chose a written script to stick to rather that having to explain the idea. I also set up a PowerPoint presentation but abandoned it when it was actually time to present. the speech was also became harder since I presented after the break leaving me enough time to forget the contents of the speech.
The negative comments that I received were that my evidence was not enough and that I needed to elaborate more while talking about the topic. Again in my defense, I believe that it was better to leave the argument for the audience to depend on their evaluation and not on some one telling them what they should believe. In addition, if I were to discuss every negative and positive impact of legalizing prostitution I would have needed twice the time that Yourofsky used.   A misconception that the audience mentioned was that the video was meant to persuade them while in fact the purpose of the video was to prevail the issue of summer...