The evaluation for this subject is carried out through a test and an assignment, which must
be solved in pairs, compulsorily. The test represents 30% of the final grade, and the activity,
the remaining 70%. The minimum passing grade is 7/10.
As said before, this assignment is meant to be solved in pairs, compulsorily. Only, those
students under special circumstances, consulted with the teacher beforehand, will have the
chance to work individually. If a student uploads his/her assignment individually without the
teacher’s consent, he/she will not get an excellent grade, being the maximum one 8/10. The
ability to work collaboratively is one of the many transversal competences to be developed
during this programme.

Multiple-choice exam:
The exam is to be found in the “Evaluation” section of the subject, within the “Test” icon.
All students are expected to upload it on its official deadline (date set in the group’s
academic calendar), though if wished, it can be posted in advance, due to the fact that
access is activated three days before the exam due date.
The exam is made up of 15 questions, which must be solved in 12 hours. After that set
period, the access closes automatically.
Within the Exam icon, to start with the test, you must click on “Attempt quiz now” and then
on “Start attempt”. It is strongly recommended that you only press this button when
feeling academically prepared and ready to answer all the questions and having the
necessary time allotted to solve them, all at once, and under the best possible conditions.
When pressing this button, the 15 questions will be available for the student, who can start
at that precise moment. The clock/counter is visible below the “Quiz navigation” menu, on
the left of the screen.
Once the exam has been finished, to upload it, the student must click on “Finish attempt”
(in the “Quiz navigation” menu, on the left of the screen). Then, the student must ensure...