Evaluation Study

Certificate of Education (PCET)
Module 4 – Evaluation of the Curriculum

Using Information and Learning Technology as part of the learning process

When and where was the study carried out?

I carried out this evaluation during the first term of the 2005/2006 academic year at Peterborough Regional College (PRC). I used my own specific curriculum area, which is motor vehicle maintenance and repair, for the basis of the study. I aimed the study at both the staff and students within the motor vehicle section.

What were the objectives of the evaluation?

The main objective of the study was to find out who, in the motor vehicle section, uses Information Learning Technology (ILT) as part of the learning process and their reasons for doing so. I also wanted to analyse this further by trying to find out: what specific aspects of ILT are used and which are not; the reasons staff and students use these particular applications and not others; identify any skills used outside of the learning environment that could be applied within it; people’s overall views and perceptions of ILT and the factors that influence these.

I have also tried, as part of the evaluation, to identify and recommend some actions that could be implemented to increase both staff and student usage of relevant ILT applications.

What were the factors that influenced the study?

The main reason for me choosing this topic area for evaluation was our college’s recent Ofsted/Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) inspection. The report published on Ofsted’s on-line home page concluded that the engineering department, of which the motor vehicle section belongs, provide good quality teaching and learning. Although the report did not highlight any defined weaknesses in relation to teaching it made reference to the teaching in the Engineering department as described below.

“ Teachers plan lessons carefully and link the class activity effectively to assessment and to the development of...