Evaluating Rules

Eligibility Rules
Misty Jones
February 12, 2016
Kay Talbert

Types of $ Counted
Wages       Assets         Concept underlying
Program             | Wages | Assets | Concept underlying Idea of “Need” | Beneficiary Unit of Concern |
Saginaw Rescue Mission | No Requirement | Almost All | Housing needs, income support | Homeless individuals |
New Life Christian Fellowship | Very little requirements, which means all looking for assistance will receive them. | Very little requirements, which is a possibility all looking for assistance will receive them | Housing needs for those in need of recovery, income support | Mothers with children and individuals |
| | | | |
| | | | |

What I consider to be key differences between the eligibility rules of the two agencies is that by contrast the rescue mission is ran by the government and is there to take in homeless wither they are in need of rehabilitation or not as long as they are homeless they will excepted and helped with housing needs as well as income support in order for them to become completely independent of themselves the program lets the individuals and families stay as long as they need to as long as they stay low-income and can find housing . Wages along with assets can be used as an eligibility factor in the rescue mission criteria but they do not use them most of the time. whereas the New Life Christian Fellowship is faith- based program and ran as a non-profit organization it is there to serve those in need of getting closer to the lord and in need of rehabilitation, released from jail or prison and women that need help with housing needs or research, income support, rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol and it is an in house program that last from 6 months to...