Evaluating Business Communication

Evaluating Business Communication
Julie Bonner
Upon review of Learning Team A’s assignment regarding ‘Communication and the Audience’, I felt that the communiqué were effective with their message. The four messages included a memo to the Chief Executive Officer, e-mail to the Ad Hoc Committee, a memo to the Accounting team, and a memo to the sales manager that relayed negative news regarding a potential acquisition. Each message accurately conveyed the intended message to each audience in an appropriate manner.
I feel that each communiqué was appropriate for the intended audience. A memo can be formal or informal; it just depends upon the tone of the communication. The memo to the CEO is obviously formal in tone, as the author did not include any personal opinions in the body of the memo. The author also provided a brief explanation of each financial burden so that the CEO, who may not have accounting knowledge, could understand accounting specific terminology. The tone of the e-mail to the Ad Hoc Committee and the memo to the Accounting team was appropriate for the intended audience. Both of these communiqué are informal, and that is appropriate for the intended audiences. The last memo to the sales manager was formal, and included accounting specific language that the intended audience might not understand.
I believe for the communication to the accounting team from Beth would have been better suited as in informal e-mail; the memo makes the informal communication seem formal even though the tone does not. I believe that Beth’s laissez faire leadership style affected her communication in that it encourages informal, not formal, communications. I also believe that John’s leadership style affected the e-mail communiqué since he is a democratic leader, and John gave due credit for the ad hoc committee for all their work with the acquisition.   I only have a few changes that I would recommend to the communiqué and those are to change the...