Evaluate the Role of the Support Worker in Encouraging Young People to Develop Action Plan

Evaluate the role of the support worker in encouraging young people to develop the action plan.

The role of the support worker is to provide individual assistance to students in order to enhance their learning experience and help them to fulfill their academic potential.
The role of the support worker is to encourage young people to develop an action plan because action planning is a process which will help to focus the student`s ideas and to decide what steps need to take to achieve particular goals. As support worker we have to be supportive in what decisions the student has made but we don`t have to be directive we have to explain that an action plan is a statement of what the student want to achieve over a given period of time. Preparing an action plan is a good way to help the student reach his objectives and opportunities in life for example a career. An action plan may help to choose a career the student wish to enter, so our work role as support worker is to work out a strategy to help him enter this career by develop the skills he needs to acquire and enter the career of his choice and to be successful in it. By making an action plan will maybe get you more involved in a society and get to know more people so by that we are promoting inclusion in the community because everyone has the right to be included.
We have to explain to consider potential problems along the action plan that we might meet along the procedure and if the student asks something we have to be clear and honest and respond in a way according to the age and the person concerned.
An IEP is also an action plan according to the person needs and difficulties it includes how we are going to help him/her achieve his/her goals and overcome barriers in a positive way.