Evaluate the Interdependencies Between Leadership and Management

Evaluate the interdependencies between leadership and management
Management and leadership are interdependent. In order for someone to be a good leader they need to have good management skills and be a good leader!   Good leadership and management is knowing when you need to be a leader and when you need to manage because although they are different, they are both important in different situations and circumstances. Ensuring that leadership and management are interdependent promotes a more effective, successful and motivated workforce – If it was only a management in place people would be following orders of a manager without any influence of vision, enthusiasm or passion yet without management in place and only a leader people would have the vision and passion but no orders or objectives to follow. Different positions within my company require a person who is able to lead and manage in order for them to be effective.

Analyse the conflicts between the application of management and leadership
Managing and leading are two different things so conflicts could arise if a leader was focused more on their own personal and professional values and a manager was focused on the values of the company. Although both are needed within a company, they are two different styles that could clash. Leaders motivate, inspire with visions they have themselves created, they are very passionate about what they do as they have independently focused on their own desires. A manager motivated person would plan and control structure and prefer not to have emotional involvement. The manager’s focus is not their own personal wants but that of the company. If leader was in a structured management role will feel controlled and limited, they will feel that their own opinions and dreams are not welcome or sought for, whereas manager in a leaders role will struggle because they do not have the passion, dreams or motivation required. A role of a leader and a role of a manager working on the same...