Evaluate Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development

“Evaluate the extent to which Freud’s theory of psycho-sexual development can help us to understand a client’s presenting issue”.

To being this assignment I will explain the different stages of psycho sexual development. Identifying some of the defense mechanisms that are used by adults in their daily lives. Views by other psychologists, on the contributing factors, that are also considered to be accountable for human behavior.

Freud (1856-1939) originally began his studies as a physician. He worked with many patients, some that suffered from paralysis of limbs but with no medical explanation, but after talking about stressful situations or circumstances that caused them moments of anxiety, their symptoms would disappear.   His interest in the human mind began to grow. Although it was believed that people’s goals drive their actions, their aims are to satisfy their needs, to achieve their goals. Freud had one of the original concepts that our goals where driven by our previous experiences and that these thoughts and feelings reside in our unconscious.  

The experiences that people have in their infantile years mold the adult personality that they attain. Depending on their childhood and the experiences that they had, contributes to the adult that they become and the positive or negative psyche that they will have. Freud studied the psyche of the brain, making a link between our memories and presenting mental problems that people can experience.

The structure of people’s personality is separated into three sections. The ID, Superego and Ego, these are not concrete objects in our minds but more abstract concepts that can be used to explain the impulses and urges that determine our behavior.

The ID is the unconscious section of our mind that makes demands, regardless of the effect or impact that it will have on others or even itself. It makes demands of us that it expects to be satisfied by whatever means. The ID is a contributor to where our behavior...