Evaluate and Determine the Assessment Task 1

BRAAAP Product Report

Braaap began with the vision of making motorcycling more enjoyable and more accessible, enabling more people to experience what we love about motorcycling. In an over competitive industry dominated by just a few well-established and familiar brands it’s Braaap’s job as an emerging brand to punch above our weight. Braaap have to outdo our competitors in componentry, Braaap have to outdo their warranty, Braaap have to offer more customization, Braaap have to make it easier to purchase, Braaap have to do more, be more.
This report shall examine Braaap’s product, identify the key characteristics of their products and services and their significance to the market and to review pricing policy and analyse pricing variables to determine their effect on demand. This report shall also study about Braaap’s the promotional methods, the channels of distribution, the level of customer service provided. The following sections shall explain in details.
Key Characteristics of Products
Braaap’s motorcycle products have four distinct features which are: life time warranty, customisation, built for adults and flexible finance.
Braaap provides life time warranty for majority of its products and all its motorcycles. This could significantly improve the attractiveness of its products in customers because customers would not need to worry about the repair and maintenance.
Customisation is another main feature of braaap’s products. Customers are able to choose any colour to their preferences and build customised bikes as long as the customisations would not affect the performance and safety of bikes.
Braaap has special adult riders in mind to fulfil their needs and wants. The bike is our masterpiece, we are motorcyclists, but it’s the community we have created that sets us apart from the crowd. From our “Learn to Ride” program to our braaap race series, in-store ride nights, the braaap ride club and of course “Lifetime Coaching”
The company...