Euthanasia is never acceptable. Discus

One the one hand, euthanasia is of course acceptable. If you saw your loved one in pain wanting everything to be over you would want to help and stop there pain. Each person deserves to die peacefully with respect and dignity, this can be achieved by euthanasia. Euthanasia is nothing like murder. It is giving the person a gentle death with medical help and an option out if the pain of their terminal illness gets to much for the to bear. It is complete wrong to keep being alive against his will when the beauty and meaning of life have vanished.
If our pets are dying in agony we have them put down. We as humans should not have to die a long, undignified and painful deaths when we are able to die when life is still beautiful   in our eyes. Voluntary euthanasia could put a patients suffering quickly and humanely instead a death that would stretch over such a long period of time with each day making you depressed. Without euthanasia the people who suffer death inside many times but with euthanasia they are able to only feel death once. Not only does it shortening there grief and suffering, however the patient's love ones too. Everyone has the right to choose how and when they die. If it was made legal people could get cancer and face death knowing they can die with dignity.

On the other hand, there is nothing that shows euthanasia is acceptable. There are enough pain killing drugs to stop a person from suffering   helping a patient die with dignity   and most of all naturally. Patients might not be able to make a rational decision or might change their mind but incapable of tell the doctors. If patient could chose to die, although in the a month they could have changed their and want to spend as much time with their family as possible. Furthermore, many people each year get written off and told they are going to die, however the recover over time and get better. This shows that it is technically it could be murder as it may not...