Good Day everyone! Let me establish the meaning of euthanasia or mercy killing in order to prevent any inconsistencies in the term’s usage. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the action of inducing a gentle and easy death used especially with reference to a proposal that the law should sanction the putting painlessly to death of those suffering from incurable and extremely painful disease.” Euthanasia is legal in Belgium,   Netherlands and Luxemburg. It is also legal in the state of Oregon, Washington and Montana.

So, I would like to start my speech with an example. In the case of Paul Brophy who has been comatized for eight years, the wife, mother, children and parish priest joined in appealing for the discontinuance of life support. “What we have here,” said the Catholic priest, “is an intervention that is not working.” Only the chief physician disagreed. The physician disagreed because euthanasia is illegal.   When asked how long he was prepared to keep the patient alive, he referred to a case that went on for more than twenty years.

So what I would like to emphasize in my example is that we need to legalize euthanasia in order to give the patient the autonomy to choose what he/she needs and that is to die with dignity. Another, the doctor mention that he is prepared to keep the patient alive for more than 20 years, it’s illogical because the fight is not worth it. Imagine 20 years of suffering, 20 years of spending money which would later on lead to financial bankruptcy. That is just absurd.
We would like to establish two reasons why euthanasia must be legalized. First,medical technologies here in the Philippines are not entirely advanced. What I’m saying is that we have a decent quality of health care services. But the question is, is it enough? Is there best, enough? Common Filipino physicians may have inadequate skills to efficiently cure complicated diseases. Additionally, there is a big gap between rural and urban health care services. According...