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Euthanasia is a highly controversial topic; however, it should not be condemned as a criminal act. Administering Euthanasia without the knowledge and the approval of the dying person would be like killing them. However, if the dying person and their loved ones knows and comes to a consensus, then the person would know that he's going to die and would possibly face and accept death with less fear. A close communion and understanding between the dying person and their loved ones is extremely important, and if they feel Euthanasia is the only option left, then putting an end to the misery would be lot easier; and dying peaceful under the tender affectionate gaze of our loved ones would be the death worthwhile. Living is about quality of life and the ability to have a life. It is not just about breathing and bodily functions.
Another perspective to look at it is, from the day a healthy person has a serious accident. Becoming severely brain damaged, basically a vegetable, unable to move or perform even the minutes of tasks for themselves. Unable to think or speak, they need constant care, and could be thought of as a burden on society. What kind of a quality of life is this? If there is absolutely no hope for this person, if several different doctors are in agreement that this person will never get better, that their brain function is nonexistent and they have been damaged beyond repair, shouldn't this person be allowed to die, if the family is in agreement that euthanasia is the best option? Euthanasia is much more than ethical. It is a basic human right, and should be recognised as such. "If people have the right to choose how to live, why should they not also have the freedom to choose how to die?”(Beauchamp, 82).
Euthanasia is not an alternative to suicide. People going through emotional, financial or other problems are committing suicide. Death is final and there is no way to change your mind. There have been many reasons why people would want...