Eurpean During the 1400

Before the European come to the New World many of the tribes within the North and South American lands had great skills in crop growing.   The Europeans during the 1400 – 1500’s discovered that the New World had goods to trade and those goods were gold and silver. During the discovery of these exchanges of gold and silver within the New World the European also brought with them and epidemic of diseases like influenza, measles, chicken pox and other diseases that destroyed many native colonies.   Because of the many diseases that wiped out many European along with many Native American an integrated of race started to grown.   European also brought to light other crop exchange like sugar and bananas along with exchanging of livestock like pigs, cattle and sheep.
Also during these time many of the European men where longing for companionship and many interact with the native women which started a line of integrated race within the New World. Some marriages were consented and many of the Native American Indian men were made slaves or died in wars which made the native women marry the Spanish European men in order to survive.   Another discover that was brought to light was within the New World was the African slave.   Eventhough black slaves were in demanded during the eighth century which during these time black slaves were being sold to the Mediterranean area. This trade did not take off within the New World until the sixteenth century that a demand for slaves was needed.   The demand was not for domestic slavery but for labor work within the farming fields.
In order for the European growth of their sugar and banana field the need for man power was very important to plant and mine the lands. In order, for   these crops to exchange in the European colony a need to invest in the purchase of African slaves to managed the growth of there crops.