European Explorers

European Explorers
Jacques Cartier
• Jacques Cartier came from France.
• Jacques landed in Quebec and when he asked the Chief what the name of the land was he said Canada, but was talking about his village. So Jacques put Canada on his map.
• He sailed to Mount Royal/ Montreal.
• He was not that kind, he kidnapped the Chiefs two sons on his way back to France the first time, then returned with only one, and then kidnapped the chief.
• When Cartier brought s small load of Beaver Pelts back to France.
Samuel De Champlain
• Samuel's strong house was called the Habitation meaning habitat in French.
• The two groups that were friendly to Champlain were the Algonquians and Huron.
• Iroquois were enemies with Samuel because he made friends with the Algonquians and Huron, which automatically made him enemies with the Iroquois, because the Algonquians and Huron were fighting with the Iroquois.
• He helped French settlers, and missionaries. To convert the "savages" of that land to Christianity.
• He is called the "Father of Canada", because he started the first permanent colony.
John Cabot
• John was sailing west to find a water route to China (North West Passage/ Silk route).
• The sailors found a lot of cod fish.
• Cabot landed in Newfoundland, Canada.
• Cabot flew England's flag on our land, John Cabot was Italian, and thus he was a British Explorer.
Jot notes on Explorers
• The Habitation means the habitat
• Champlain was most affective
• Canada means the village
• 3 names of Quebec City: Quebec City (present name), Stadacona (Aboriginal name) and Canada (Original name).
• John Cabot is also called Giovanni Caboto
Quiz Questions
1. How was Canada named?
2. True or False: Creation stories and Beringia questions
3. Questions on Explorers
4. 5 multiple choice Q's on Explorers why is John Cabot important, why Samuel De Champlain is important and why Jacques Cartier is important?