In this essay I will justify why I believe that technological innovation led to the Great divergence between China and Britain, however it is very important to denote that the Great Divergence and industrial revolution wouldn’t possible be on that stature and magnitude because of technological innovations alone many different factors intertwined to create European dominance—and no single factor would have been enough on its own and the unique European culture drove developments forward from side to side along with innovation, so basically I will explore and touch on those key elements that led to the Great Divergence such as cultural differences and geographical barriers and (technological inventions included)
“Inventive refers to the act or process of creating new things, ideas, or ways of doing something, e.g. we encourage innovation among our employers “(Harvard dictionary), whilst innovation refers to a more practical and empirical process in the creation of new ideas, or methods.
The great divergence refers to the process in the Western countries in Europe dominated and overpowered Asian countries like China economic wise during the 19th century by growing incredibly wealthy and powerful, a better way to understand the Great Divergence is to analyse some of the economic perceptions like the hypothesis that economic growth and prosperity is linked to the culture of a particular state e.g. the idea that Greece citizens are lazy and sluggish which distresses their economic strength.
The ninetieth century was puzzling especial for the West while China somehow enjoyed the privileges and greater technological developments. The self-proclaimed Eurocentrist Landes from Harvard University wrote”   for precisely a millennium was China was considered powerful and economic rationalised with technological innovations such as steam engines, as Francis Bacon puts it “the three most important world discoveries were printing, gunpowder,   and the compass. Strikingly, all...