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Euro Freeze Foods
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Euro Freeze Frozen Foods
Euro freeze Strategic Position
“Strategic competitiveness can be attained only when the firm’s selected structure is congruent with its formulated strategy” (Isobel, 2008, 52). According to the case study Euro freeze has positioned itself to make use of its existing information technology structure, marketing scheme and sales objectives to create a well-known atypical food business in their slot market by leveraging the increased changes in the marketplace and shifting customer tastes, preferences and increase demands. With rising customer requests for healthy food Euro freeze are offerings, specialty vegetables, fruits and branded meat and fish products. Euro is focusing on internal and external environment activity will assist Euro freeze in devising a successful business plan to support forward-thinking and organise their self for modern transformation going on in a varied platform of associations, agreements and suppliers and end-users. Euro freeze continues to grow their vision of a one-stop-shop vegetables, fruits and branded meat and fish products. This paper will discuss the strategy play, technological opportunities, and strategic recommendations for creating and realizing business opportunities to provide the best chance for Euro freeze to expand and offer a unique and atypical customer offering in an increasingly customer change-driven environment. Organisations have pursued technological innovations and information technology to develop operations, procedures and progress in customer service (Kapferer, 2005, 63).

Strategy Assessment
Option one
Euro freeze are supplying all there frozen products specially vegetables, fruits and branded meat and fish products.   This strategy enables that Euro freeze products organization to embrace global challenges, and simultaneously manage the global supply chain...