Eugene V Debs

Eugene V. Debs was a union leader, and a socialist party nominee who the fourth and most

radical choice to voters (Pg 584, Para 2, lines 12-14). Eugene V. Debs founded the International

Labor Union and together with the western Federal of miners and various radical groups founded

the Industrial Workers of the World union (IWW).

  Debs was well-known as a socialist and his work with labor union. He studied socialism and

began his career of a socialist. The socialist party demanded shorter working hours, and put an

end to child labor and the vote for woman (Pg 584, Para 2, lines 15-16).   In 1912, he ran for U.S.

presidency as the Socialist Party's candidate, he is a man who cared about the American

  Debs was responsible for the Pullman strike in Chicago and for his action, he and his associates

was imprisoned for failing to obey the order from president Grover Cleveland to discontinue the

strike (Pg 495, Para 8, American History: A survey, Eleventh edition by Allan Brinkley).
  Debs did not believe it was fair for men, women, and children to work so hard for petty wages.  

However, a man only can fights so hard for what he believed in when obstacles is in his way.

Known for his speeches, Debs recited a speech that promoted American participation in World

War I to decrease. This speech led to the Espionage Act of 1917.
  Eugene V. Debs, leader of the party and an opponent of the war was arrested for the second

time he was sentenced to ten years in prison in 1918. However, his sentence was ultimately

terminated by President Warren Harding in 1921(Pg 635, Para 1, lines 9-12, American History:
a survey, Eleventh edition by Allan Brinkley). Eugene V. Debs was a man who fought for the

rights of Americans from the socialist viewpoint. His efforts for equal wages leave a great

legacy, especially from the U.S. Department of Labor who named him a member of the Labor

Hall of...