Eu Politics

'There is a lack of accountability at the heart of European Politics.' Discuss
The EU political system
  * EU institutions differ due to   national Institutions
  * Court if Justice is the Judicial Branch
  * Much EU Activity concerns economic and related policies
  * (E.g. the Single European market, agriculture)
  * Two branches:
  * The council of Ministers is the upper house National Governments are represented
  * European Parliament is the lower house with member states represented according to population
  * European Commission:
  * Seen as the Executive branch
  * Responsible for a policy portfolio but not as powerful as national cab
  * Resembles executive; proposes to make policy
  * Democratic Deficit:
  * Refers to transfer of policy competence from National Gov to EU
  * Decision Makers less accountable to voters
  * National Parl have been weakened, as they cannot hold commission responsible
  * Main executive body National Commission is unelected
  * Commission is nominated by National Government so accountable to EU Parl
  * Addressing the Democratic Deficit:
  * Giving more power to the EU president to increase EU power has been experimented
  * Critics argue National Power cannot be transferred to EU Parliament
  * Low link between citizens and EU Parliament
  * Turnout in EU elections low, 2009 43%, Campaigns dominated by national
  * European Commission :
  * Executive body of the EU, based in Brussels
  * Civil service- which employs 23,000 officials
  * Can initiate draft legislation in most (except common foreign and Security policy)
  * Executes EU Legislation
  * Significant agenda setting role under Jacques Delores.
  * Although standing was damaged by fraud and favouring relatives
  * Integration Theories
  * Multi level Governance- Range of actors involved in decision making process
  * National Government remains most important actor
  * Supranational actors...