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Good Vibrations
ETH/316 – Ethics and Social Responsibility

Good Vibrations
In this paper, the intent is to explore the roles that external social pressures contribute to influencing organizational ethics. Determination of how these issues are relevant to organizational, personal decisions and the relationship between legal and ethical issues in the film “Good Vibrations” will be covered.
Relative important issues depicted within the film “Good Vibrations”
Good Vibrations is a story that details the importance of responsible communities and more importantly, the repercussions and costs of communities that have embraced complacency.   Within the film, an office building is the stage, and we see one of the company’s employees gazing out a window and he observes construction work performed.  
This construction work he is watching performed upon the road is loosening the brick sidewalk, causing them to move. During this observation he witnesses multiple pedestrian’s misfortune as they trip and fall upon on the loosened brick sidewalk.
During the time the employee witnesses the initial misfortunate pedestrian, another employee joins in the viewing out the window and laughs at the stumbling pedestrian who may have sustained injury.   Both employees are not genuinely concerned until a bird gets trapped beneath the bricks and an elderly gentleman starts to approach the hazardous area of loosened bricks. The windows contain quite a gathering of employees, gawking and doing nothing. Finally after several incidents without preventative action, one employee decides to open the window and shout a warning of the danger to the oncoming elderly man.   With this example the community’s obligation to protect others seemed to only apply after the employees decided that the old man could be in peril if they did not act to aid in the prevention of entering the area. Once alerted the elderly man took it upon himself to warn others by using his...