Running head: CURRENT EVENT

Current Event and Ethical Theory Danielle Decker MGT/216 April.5-2010 Francis Marshall

CURRENT EVENT Current Event and Ethical Theory Ethical dilemmas may compromise ones moral beliefs; it is often an unsettling feeling that something is amiss. Ethical reasoning consists of making decisions (Nelson & Trevino, 2006) and people make decisions based on their moral values. Each individual's socioeconomic status builds the belief system of moral values. Oftentimes what is "wrong" is associated with committing a "sin" or breaking the law. Each person grows to learn what not to do for fear of punishment and often strives to do what is "right" to seek the reward. The Federal law reins the supreme law of the land and States laws apply only within the borders of the State. Acting in an ethically correct manner, respected citizens are expected to abide by the law. The complexities of the laws have disabled otherwise respected citizens from abiding by all laws. The prohibition of marijuana for medical purposes has become an ethical dilemma for many California residents. Federally the drug is still a Schedule 1, which has the requirements of high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. Federally marijuana is


considered dangerous and no prescriptions can be written for the drug. It may be understood that possessing, cultivating, using, and selling marijuana is strictly against Federal Law. For those that reside in California these laws may seem so farfetched and even unethical. California passed Proposition 215, which allowed patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Senate Bill 420 furthered the rights for patients to the availability of medicine. Under these laws patients may cultivate up to six mature plants and possess up to eight ounces of dried cannabis flowers. To become a patient one must be a resident of the State of California, obtain proper identification from the DMV, and seek a doctor who will write a...