Personal Ethics

      Ethics is an essential part of life and even more so in society. I   use ethics to decide which path I should take basing my decision on right or wrong. Almost all aspect of our lives is directed by our ethical views. What do you believe in, is it wrong or right? It is the way you live your everyday life, the way you act, the decision you make. Our   moral, ethics, principles, standards is what strengthen us, it's what drives us, defines our character. These traits show who you are as a person, what you will stand for and defend. As my granny would say "a man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world".   I have always felt it's essential to know what you believe in and why, if you do, stand your ground and defend it “If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for everything.”
      This exercise help opened my eyes to things I didn't even know about myself. My preferred ethical lens is that I" listen to my intuition to determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community (equality)". This is so right, I always listen to my conscience it has never steered me wrong. The ethic lens also showed I use my reasoning skills and rationalization to determine my responsibility, if I have to make a difficult decision I always whey the odd. My Blind spot is unrealistic role expectations. It states that I "rely strongly on   virtues associated with various roles, I run the risk of developing unrealistic role expectations. I tend to rely too much on the virtues associated with a particular role, forgetting that individuals are fallible". I can defiantly see how this is me, I always expect people to do what is right, and that people make mistake. I get extremely angry and frustrated when they don't. At time I believe that staying consistent will lead to success for not only myself ,but others. I tend to rely too much on this.
      My strengths are courage and coping with pressure. I will always stand...