Ethical Issues and Management Paper
Vanessa Gemelli
November 7, 2011
University of Phoenix

Ethical Issues and Management Paper
The duties of a manager are more than just managing one department, in many cases manager have to make crucial decision almost every time.   Managers have a big role and have to take part in many different areas.   Part of a managers responsibility consist of hiring, performance evaluation discipline, termination, harassment cases, be a role model and in many cases diversity situation.  
In this paper I will be speaking about the role of hiring.   I will be describing the moral and ethical issues faced by a manager when hiring, I will also explain how relationships between social issues and ethical responsibility management practice during a hiring process.   I will also give an example of a workplace example of an ethical matter involving hiring.
Unfortunately there are moral and ethical issues in which managers have to deal with.   In a managers role, a manager must make sure to make the appropriate decision in which will benefit the company.   There are regulations in which the state regulations have put to place.  
In order for a manager to make the appropriate decision manager must act in a professional matter.   A manager is a role model, and in many cases they are responsible for everything that happens around them and keeping a safe and comfortable environment is a most.
When a manager is in the process of hiring, a manager most make sure that during the process they choose the appropriate team member.   When we are speaking about moral and ethical situation people do not realize how much investment the company puts in hiring and training of the new team member. Therefore making a poor hiring decision can cost the company a significant amount of money.
From productivity, customer service and liability prospective have been widely studied and has been estimated to be three times the annual salary of the individual...