We offer the best deals in Florida, with our uniquely pioneered paperless coupon card by loading a combination of coupons, discounts, and value to use at our participating GO2 partners location.     GO2 offers the modernization of using one card to give simplicity and flexibility while enjoying daily discounts, deals, and coupons by eliminating the hassle of clipping or saving print ads.   As a card holder, you may simply show your GO2 card to receive the daily/weekly/monthly discount with our GO2 Junior Partners, or with our GO2 Premier Partners, you will swipe your card to receive cash back, instant discounts, and the ability to give to the charity of your choice.   Our discounts for our participating partners are instantly loaded on My GO2 Card giving the ultimate flexibility and convenience of one card to use at multiple locations.   Card holders can view our GO2 guide for the daily, weekly, or monthly deals per partner.   Moreover, when our GO2 Premier Partner offers a daily deal, our card holders will have the option to buy the daily deal and have it instantly loaded on their card!   It’s that simple!

GO2 began by giving significant discounts in Jacksonville Beach Florida including outrageous deals in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, and now we have expanded our horizons. So, you can now find GO2 offering the best deals in Florida.   If you do not locate your area within our system, simply send us your suggested area and merchant. We will get them featured soon to let you enjoy our My GO2 Card benefits.

Special introductory offer
As an introductory offer, we are giving away free GO2 cards. When you order My GO2 Card, your reloadable card will be loaded with value, savings, and discounts. You can use this card at our GO2 partners’ location to enjoy savings worth more than $100.00! For determining the amount to be filled on your card, you can view the list of all GO2 partners and the value they have placed on each card to use.   So, as your planning your day;...