Ethics Program and Monitoring System
      Does it make good business sense to operate in an ethical manner? Most of us would answer that question with a good strong “yes”. However, many people believe that it is ok to bend the rules sometimes to achieve success or to gain control in business. Ethical problems mostly arise due to the fact that what may seem right, and is right, to one person essentially seems wrong to another. Therefore, what one considers right or wrong may be different to the next person.   In business ethics, the objective must be to implement a form of behavior that is uniform all the while instilling end user confidence in the corporation taken as a whole.
      A code of ethics usually proposes detailed principles and conduct rules are included in a code of ethics policy. The main purpose of an ethical code is to offer direction on anticipated behavior in addition to reasoning for that behavior.   An ethical code also offers a way of measurement for an organization to assess and supervise the performance of employees in relation to the objectives and values developed by the organization. There are basic elements that must be included in all ethics and compliance policies. The elements include compliance, unethical behavior definition, statement of integrity, gifts and entertainment (bribery), unethical behavior reporting and confidentiality.
      To further explain those elements:
      • Compliance with the law- This part of the policy must comply with not only local law, but also industry law. It is important for organizations to defy the norm and go above the suggested minimum standards. An organization can use existing laws and enhance them to take their ethics and compliance program above and beyond the norm.
      • Definition of unethical behavior- Forms of unethical behavior must be defined such as - harassment, discrimination, theft, fraud, retaliation, etc. These terms must...