Alternatives and Consequences:

After reading the report Bob has to choose between four alternatives:

1.To sell the lumber to the customer, assuming that they are covered legally by stating that the lumber is not suitable for scaffolding.   White Lumber Company is suppose to be a highly respected company in their community, a choice like this can be potentially devastating to the local economy, employees, and local lumber yards. White Lumber Company if found liable for any lawsuit, from failed use of the boards can result in the closure of business, which will result in firing employees, and ruining the reputation of both Quality Lumber, and White Lumber Company, not to mention the tarnished reputation the owner. This would also haunt Bob the salesman too for making a decision that could potential cause a loss of life. On the other hand if nothing goes wrong and the boards are successful in accomplishing the task, this could be a new arena to enter, to make up for lost revenues in other areas of the lumber market. It is just like Mr. White said you have to weigh out the cost and benefits. If this deal goes through this would be a huge help in making up lost revenues, which would help keep people employed and White Lumber Company.   Mr. White said in the paper that they where ethically obligated to supply the lumber.   Quality lumber company is considering buying a thicker board to make up the weight difference. If Bob agrees to sale Quality the lumber this would help during a time that the market is sluggish, plus it would make Mr. White happy, and everyone knows you want your boss happy.

2.Not selling the lumber to the customer. This is a big decision that Bob must make, and it is a hard decision when your boss does not support your decision. This could become a giant mess. As Mr. White said this could destroy lives because of the loss of jobs. Before Bob talked to Mr. White he did take it upon himself to talk to Stan of Quality Lumber to find out the...