Todd Cope
Lori Madison

Ethics and professional behavior are an important part of criminal justice administration. "Ethics involves making moral judgements about what is good or bad, right or wrong." Ethics help us to make right choices when we are in a dilemma which involves moral issues. The Criminal justice administration faces ethical issues very often and it is important to deal with them in a professional manner. The administration suffers with issues in certain situations that are hard to handle and it is the duty or rather we can say the criminal justice administration are obliged to make moral judgements of what is right or wrong and this is done with the help of proper critical thinking. Good ethics contribute to professional behavior. Law enforcement plays a major role in professional behavior and ethics. The unethical acts by criminal justice are serious and there are possibilities for conflicts in the areas of criminal justice leading to unethical decisions. It is necessary that ethics and professional behavior are practiced every time. If the administration is unethical and there is no professional behavior then it is obvious for the society to lose faith in the criminal justice system. Ethics and professional behavior are directly related to each other. Lack of ethics lead to lack of professional behavior which means a weak criminal justice administration.
Ethics are moral values or moral judgements which we make in order to decide what is right or wrong, good or bad. For making this type of decision, one needs to have a sound mind and the moral principles do not apply themselves, a thinking mind is required to asses' facts and interpret situations.   A person needs to be brought up in an environment that has taught them good ethics and making the right choices.   There will be many times in this career where chances will come up, but the person has to understand and demonstrate they will do the right things all the time. Moral...