Ethics Race Horses

Autobiographical Research Paper
Allen D. Goodsell
November 29, 2009

Being I spend a lot of the year at the race tracks in Canada, and a lot of the year in Montana, U.S. I will be doing the autobiography about both places.   Now since I am from Frenchtown, Montana the racial issues where slim.   The high school I went to had a grand total of just over three hundred students.   With that in mind, the community members there look like me.   That is your typical American farm boy that loves sports, and meat and potatoes.   However, we did have some people that weren’t that way.   We had a few that where Native Americans, African Americans, and the foreign exchange students from Mexico, Finland, and the Czech Republic.   As for the race tracks in Canada, the members of the community is a lot different.   Unlike Frenchtown, where it is separated probably 90 to 10 or maybe 85 to 15, the race tracks are probably 70 to 30.   Granite, there are a lot of the people who look like me, but there also is a lot that don’t.   For instance we have people that are Puerto Rican American, Asian American, Cuban American, Mexican American, African American, Native Americans and Jamaican as well.   Now there is a good size list that separates my looks from them.   That is the typical size, body type, color, hair, and just the overall appearances.
As for Frenchtown, they were very good to foreign exchange students.   In a way they treated them like they were different from everyone else in the community, but in a good way.   They did not single them out and be raciest to them, but welcomed their ways and wanted to learn from them.   For example, the high school would have a set night during the school year set aside so that the foreign exchange students could have a concession stand.   Now this concession stand wouldn’t charge for the food, but it would just have the food that the exchange students made so you could try it.   As you would eat their food, they would tell you about ethnicity.   Other...