Ethics Paper

Kimberly Jones
Professor James Rhyne
Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice –CRJ220
July 9, 2011

Meta-ethics deals with trying to understand nature of ethics. This theory does not
contain any ethical evaluations. Five other theories have been inter locked with in Meta ethics. With
this here are a couple of the five.   The first is ethical intuitionism and ethical naturalism. Ethical
intuitionism just means that there are moral objectives that cannot be changed or helped.
Ethical naturalism says that the moral wrongs that are committed can be changed and fixed if
necessary.   Scientist says that learning this is just like learning scientific knowledge.
Normative –ethics is simple to understand. This is just creating and understanding
the moral concept. In this people are to know right from wrong and pick what is right. This is when
people apply their thought process as to what they do. To figure out if they have committed a justifiable
moral wrong, or if they find the right morals that they need to follow. This is the step when they
are to try and fixed their moral wrongs that they have committed. In normative- ethics this is an
investigative stage. Philosophers are usually doing the investigations on these aspects; the nature of
moral standards ,principles, conduct, and rules.
Applied-ethics is when you apply the theories that a philosopher has come up with
to explain the everyday ethics that are happening in the world.   For example, the disciple of applied
ethics is in both business ethics and bioethics.   One way to apply this part of ethics is when you ask
certain questions. One question you might ask is, do you think a woman having an abortion is the right
thing to do?