Ethics Issues

*                                                       Ethics Issues
  *                                                       Eric Duca    
                                Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Business ethics are morals and values that control decisions and procedures inside a business. Every business whether it is small or large will come across ethic issues. They will force a business to make decisions for the benefit of the company.   Many businesses today will perform business ethics training with new hires to avoid confusion or to avoid law suits. All employees represent the company and any bad behavior will reflect on the company in the public eye. (Cuizon, 2009).
The main idea of any company is to make money. Business ethics keep companies from making money any way possible with no regard. Installing ethics into business keeps the “dogs eat dog” world under control to a certain degree. As with life in general, business ethics understands the difference between going about a task the right way and going about it the wrong way. Businesses hold a social responsibility when it comes to the public. (Cuizon, 2009). For example the BP oil spill has become a public catastrophe; the business ethics in BP’s case is seen as negative in the public’s eye and in turn created a negative backlash.   The oil spill will affect the entire country with time, the clean up alone will take billions of dollars and take years to accomplish. It will have a ripple effect in the economy by oil prices going up and seafood will become more expensive. More than likely, BP as a company will fold and people who work for them will lose their jobs.  
  In our community, baseball is big in the summer time especially with the children. Right up the street we have our own minor league team called the Iron Pigs. This team has become a...