Ethics in the Workplace

Ethics in the Workplace
July 19, 2014
Ethics in the Dental Office
Working in a dental office you see your share of issues within the other staff members or even fraternization between the Doctor and the patients. I was completely shocked when I had come into problems with working with a Dentist while my husband was stationed in Texas. The sad part was that it took forever to find the job in the first place. Well if you ever wonder what goes on in your dental office this story will be a huge eye opener for you and you will probably never look at your dentist the same way.
After a few years of being in the dental field and getting news that my husband was being relocated to Texas to do another term in the military. I gave notice to my current work place to go with him. To my surprise the pay out in Texas was a lot lower than what I was making in San Diego. Normally I would understand that but it was drastically lower by about twelve dollars an hour. I found a job and interviewed for it in an Orthodontist office. I was not really welcomed at first because I was not bilingual and we were so close to the border in Texas that it was more of a requirement. I felt like I was never going to get a job. However, he did offer me the job but at four dollars an hour. I honestly laughed inside when he told me that. I declined the offer and thought about just going back to school. Well a few weeks later he called me back and offered me ten dollars an hour. I should have known right then something was off. When I first walked in to the office there were over 15 people waiting to be seen and that is not the normal office I was used to working in. There were way more operatory rooms than employees but I thought that was how the orthodontist office was ran. After finally agreeing to the ten dollars an hour and starting the job I only lasted a week.
First off the office was dirty, nobody spoke English and I felt like they were talking behind my back. Secondly the doctor was a...