Ethics and Responsibilities

I would feel uncomfortable knowing that my privacy was so limited. I think that the only time an employer should probe through an employees communication data is when the condcut or production of that particular employee is in question. I have never felt like it was a good idea to use work place monitoring as a management tool. This basically discredit’s the philosophy or character of the person that the employer hired. If a superior had confidence,open- communication, and trust in the individual they hired then that should be enough. Opening emails,checking logs of websites visted or collecting information about ones credit history are all extreme measures. In defense of the underdog, I would say that management would be making illicit judgements if they chose to indulge in montoring and recording all activities done at the work place. Which is something that is not justified morally because the idea   could effect staff members negativity.

I don’t like that claim because it lacks that claim because it lacks real meaning. The tone often associated with this statement is often a contradictory one. The statement is very over used and it is often used to violate a persons sense of freedom. It is not okay for the government to spy on people, surviellance them,nor pry into their private life. In fact the government looks for people with that typeof mentality. In fact most people do not know there rights,which makes all of the differnece.If I decided to have a conversation over my cell phone via text about   our sex life , I should be able too. I should not have to worry about someone being able to tap into the history of my cell phone. Prehaps, I would like to store some photos of my husband in his underpants on my cell phone, I would not want a government official to have access to them. Just because I don’t want the public to have access to this type of conduct it does not necessarily make me guilty of breaking any kind of laws.